Patriot Gold Is 7th in Our List of Top 7 Gold IRA Companies:

Right now, it’s incredibly important to do everything in your power to keep your wealth protected. The fastest and easiest way to keep your retirement accounts secure and diverse is through a gold IRA investing.

Remember, nobody cares about preserving your wealth more than you. Sometimes, outside the box thinking will help you weather the storm of a tough economy and terrible market conditions.

You undoubtedly know this already. That’s why you’ve decided to learn more about Patriot Gold Group. I can proudly say that Patriot Gold Group is one of the best gold IRA companies.

They are the 7th company on my top 7 gold company list. This list was curated and whittled down from dozens of different companies before I determined my top 7.

Picking a gold IRA company is never easy. Some people find the process scary because they’re afraid they’ll make a mistake.

Have you wondered things like?

  • Is the gold IRA company safe?
  • Do they know how to help me protect my retirement wealth?
  • Will they help me grow my physical assets for retirement?

By investing strictly in real estate and the stock market, you leave yourself vulnerable to negative market conditions. Adding precious metals to the mix is a great way to add growth and wealth preservation all at the same time.

Are you finally ready to open a new gold IRA account? If so, consider working with Patriot Gold Group. They are a great company and my 7th favorite recommendation.

When I first learned about this company, I used a system developed by my friend to evaluate them. It’s called the 7 Critical Factors Test.

I’ll share the results that I discovered while evaluating Patriot Gold Group using the 7 Critical Factors Test recently. Keep reading to discover the truth about this excellent organization.

7 Critical Factors: Patriot Gold

Every company in the gold IRA space that I’ve come across has been reviewed using the 7 Critical Factors Test. In truth, most of these companies fail because of too many negative reviews, pushy salespeople, or other problems.

Today, I decided to do a deep dive and look closely at Patriot Gold Group. After evaluating the company, I can say with certainty that they belong on my top 7 list.

Throughout the years, this company has received great praise and high accolades. They deserve every one of them for their outstanding performance over the years.

When I evaluate a company using the 7 Critical Factors Test, I look closely at each organization. I use the following as my guide:

  • online peer-reviewed ratings
  • types of precious metals: coins and rounds
  • precious metals buyback program
  • stockpiling
  • IRA fees
  • account setup & delivery
  • customer support & salesmanship

My overall wish and desire is to help my readers have a good experience while opening their gold IRA account. That’s why I write these reviews and evaluate these companies in the first place.

Discover the reasons why I love Patriot Gold Group below.

1. Online Peer-Reviewed Ratings

Over the past six years, Patriot Gold Group has really made its mark in the precious metals industry. They have a long and storied history because they’ve been around longer than six years. Beforehand, they were known as Patriot Gold & Silver.

Actually, the team at Patriot Gold Group has a combined 50 years of experience in the gold and silver industry.

Even better, Consumer Affairs, the BBB, and the BCA have all received tons of praise from former happy customers.

From 2016 to 2020, Patriot Gold Group was awarded the Top-Rated Gold & Silver Dealer in the US by Consumer Affairs. That’s a pretty amazing award, right? And to receive it five years in a row is truly astounding. It proves that they have an incredible work ethic at this company.

What have previous customers praised them about?

  • They love their professional and knowledgeable customer service
  • They say the team is well organized and easy to work with
  • Customers love that they can ask lots of questions without overwhelming the sales and customer service team
  • They make it easy to complete and manage all new account sign up paperwork
  • Their vault storage options are safe and secure

2. Types of Precious Metals: Silver and Gold Rounds, Coins, and Bars

Precious metals IRA account holders have so many great options to choose from when doing business with Patriot Gold Group.

They only sell silver and gold coins, so you cannot buy platinum or palladium through them. But the offerings that they have our second to none, as you can see here:

  • 10-Ounce Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars
  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • American Buffalo Gold Coin
  • Buffalo Silver Rounds
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins
  • Canadian Silver Bar (10 Ounces)

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

Patriot Gold Group repurchases silver and gold from their customers. This is called their buyback program and they are very generous with their terms. And their turnaround happens quite quickly.

They’ll repurchase silver and gold from their customers at the current market value. After evaluating the metals, they will quote the customer the price. After the depository ships the metals to Patriot Gold Group, the company will pay the customer.

The buyback process is really that easy.

4. Stockpiling

The great thing about doing business with Patriot Gold Group is their low storage fees. Not only that, but their customers also have easy access to segregated storage, which is ideal.

Their recommended depository is named Texas Depository. Once they store your precious metals for you, they are safely secured in a segregated vault. This dedicated vault is yours and yours alone.

All precious metals IRA accounts are fully insured with Patriot Gold Group. In fact, the insurance company that they use is based in London and it’s the prestigious Lloyd’s of London.

This is great news for investors. It means that your precious metals are protected, safe, and insured by one of the top providers in the world.

5. IRA Fees

Patriot Gold Group has a more well-rounded and detailed fee schedule than other gold IRA companies. A full fee schedule breakdown includes:

  • Transaction Fees – Patriot Gold Group doesn’t give anything away for free. They have transaction fees including custodian fees and shipping fees. The shipping fees are calculated based on the size of the order being shipped. The custodian fees aren’t posted on their website, so call customer service to find out more.
  • Investment Minimum – the investment minimum to do business with Patriot Gold group is $15,000. This is more than some gold IRA companies require and it’s less than others. Without depositing $15,000 into your new gold IRA, you do not qualify to work with this company.
  • Storage Fees – the company has strong working relationships with three depositories including STRATA Trust, Texas Depository, and Equity Institutional. The normal range for segregated storage is $150-$180, based on your chosen depository.
  • Account Setup Fee – this fee is mandatory for new gold IRA customers that open their account with less than $30,000. The initial fee for accounts with less than $30,000 is $225. This is a one-time setup fee. If you deposit $30,000 or more, the setup fee is waived.

6. Account Setup & Delivery

It’s very easy to open a new account when doing business with Patriot Gold Group. But it’s also potentially more expensive to open an account with them when compared to other companies. The typical account setup fee is $50 with most gold IRA companies. Patriot Gold charges $225 for their account setup fee if you deposit less than $30,000.

One positive is that Patriot Gold Group doesn’t charge its IRA customers a yearly administration fee. On average, the typical gold IRA company charges $80 per year, so this is definitely a real and persistent savings.

Patriot Gold group ships their products very quickly, but they do not waive their shipping fees. The fee is based on the size of the order. So, inquire about it when working with a salesperson or customer service team member.

7. Customer Service & Salesmanship

More than anything else, I know that Patriot Gold Group excels when it comes to satisfying their customers.

How do I know this? I’ve read dozens of reviews about Patriot Gold Group online. Their current and previous customers have nothing but wonderful things to share about them. Read their incredible reviews on Consumer Affairs, the Business Consumer Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau websites.

One customer named Dixon M. had high praise for this organization. He said, “answered all my questions. I love my purchase got a really good deal! The transaction went smoothly and my coins look beautiful!”

That’s one of the many happy customers that absolutely love the customer service and salesmanship at Patriot Gold group.

Patriot Gold Group Contact Details

Address: 3010 Old Ranch Pkwy., Suite 350, Seal Beach, CA 90740-2760
Telephone: 877-711-6641