Goldco Is 2nd in Our List of Top 7 Gold IRA Companies:

As far as precious metals IRA companies go, Goldco is considered one of the best. Based out of Calabasas, CA, this company has dominated the industry for 15 years. They even received Better Business Bureau accreditation in 2011.
Why did I choose Goldco as my #2 favorite gold IRA company recommendation? I did a number of reasons that include:

  • They have impeccable online ratings
  • They have some of the lowest fees in the industry
  • They’ve received Inc. 5000 recognition on 5 different occasions
  • They have accumulated over 1000 5-star reviews online
  • They have perfect ratings with the BBB and BCA
  • They have an incredible silver promotion that I’ll tell you about more soon

Want to learn how Goldco measures up in the 7 Critical Factors Test? We’ll look at their special promotions and other important facts first before diving into the nitty-gritty.

Qualifying Accounts Receive up to $10,000 in Free Silver

Right now, Goldco has a special promotion for qualifying new customers. Opening a new account with a $100,000 deposit, for example, will qualify you for up to $10,000 in free silver.

But other accounts making a small deposit will also receive 10% in free silver based on their initial deposit amount.

Why is Goldco being so generous to their customers?

  • They are willing to earn your trust with a phenomenal free promotion
  • They want their customers to succeed, so they are willing to give them a very generous gift to get started

Make the most of this incredible free gift while the promotion lasts. Sign up to find out if you qualify for their free silver promotion today.

2022 Protecting Wealth Kit

Becoming educated about gold IRA investing is of the utmost importance. This is something Goldco believes in wholeheartedly. That’s why they decided to share their 2022 Protecting Wealth Kit with you today.

This free resource is jam packed with valuable information that includes:

  • printed guide
  • audio guide
  • video guide

Visit their website to sign up for the Free 2022 Protecting Wealth Kit right now.

Sean Hannity: Fox News Host, Radio Host, Endorses Goldco

If you’re reading this, you likely put a lot of faith and trust in Sean Hannity. And it’s understandable since he’s one of the few media personalities telling us the truth about the Biden administration.

Why is Sean Hannity a strong supporter of Goldco? He believes that “protecting your retirement savings is absolutely vital. You’re not going to find a better company to work with than Goldco.”

We all see how destructive Bidenflation has been to the US economy. And it’s undoubtedly even eroded your personal wealth.

Will he take away your freedom next?

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7 Critical Factors Test: Goldco

At this stage, I’ll take a deeper dive into Goldco by measuring them using the 7 Critical Factors Test. This test was originally created specifically to properly evaluate Gold IRA companies. It helps get a better picture of the overall organization.

Why is this necessary? There are many hucksters and scammer gold companies on the Internet. I use this test to weed out the best and ignore the rest.

The 7 Critical Factors are as follows:

  • online peer-reviewed ratings
  • types of precious metals: coins, bars, and rounds
  • precious metals buyback program
  • stockpiling
  • IRA fees
  • account setup & delivery
  • customer support & salesmanship

Goldco is a phenomenal company to say the least. They proved time and time again that they are worthy of making my top 7 list. In fact, they are my #2 second favorite company of all.

Keep reading to find out why I like them so much.

1. Online Peer-Reviewed Ratings

Past and current customers have so many excellent things to say about Goldco. They’ve placed implicit trust in the organization. Why? They are highly respected and they’ve received excellent reviews and ratings with Trustlink, the BCA, and the BBB.

Looking at a company through the eyes of online peer-reviewed websites is always a smart place to start. Why? They give customers the opportunity to complain and/or leave positive reviews.

Many Goldco customers have lots of great things to say about their organization. A few of my favorites are as follows:

  • They have phenomenal customer service. Their team is helpful, educated, knowledgeable, and ready to answer questions and alleviate concerns.
  • They have an exceptional sales team. Their team isn’t pushy, doesn’t try to convince you to buy things you don’t need, and they make thoughtful recommendations.
  • They have a strong focus on education. They want their customers to succeed through education. That’s why they give away a Free 2022 Wealth Protection Kit just for signing up.

2. Types of Precious Metals: Coins, Bars, and Rounds (Bullion)

Goldco offers its customers a wide array of silver and gold products. They even sell coins and bars of a premium variety. For those interested, they can even purchase collectible coins and other collectible items.

Collectible coins do not have IRA approval. You can own them for your personal collection but they aren’t qualified for a gold IRA.

Top gold and silver IRA coins to invest in include:

  • Silver and Gold American Eagles
  • Silver and Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Silver and Gold American Bald Eagles
  • Silver and gold American Eagle Proof Coins

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

The Goldco CEO realizes that having a buyback program in place is important for its customers. They understand that customers must liquidate investments from time to time. And they often need to do so quickly.

Goldco will pay customers current market value to repurchase gold and silver products. Plus, they’ll never charge additional markups or fees.

4. Stockpiling

There are two different options for stockpiling when investing with Goldco. They include:

  • Commingled stockpiling – customers pay $100 per year to have their investments stored in a shared vault protected by Equity Trust.
  • Segregated stockpiling – customers pay $150 per year to have their investments stored in a dedicated vault protected by Equity Trust.

Goldco recommends equity trust as their favored gold and silver IRA custodians.

5. IRA Fees

My favorite part about working with Goldco is their fee structure, since it’s one of the lowest in the industry. I’m happy to share this information with my readers as well. Besides the low fees, they also have exciting promotions as well.

Their IRA fee structure includes:

  • Free silver for qualifying accounts (up to $10,000) – this special promotion is available to qualified new customers. Learn more by contacting Goldco and speak with a customer service representative
  • First year’s fees waived – they’ll waive the first year’s fees to qualifying new accounts. This could result in a $180-$230 savings
  • Administration fee – $80 per year
  • Gold IRA account setup fee – free
  • Gold IRA account maintenance fee – free
  • Investment minimum = $25,000
  • Minimum for non-IRA purchase = $3500
  • Commingled storage fee – $100 annually
  • Segregated storage fee – $150 annually

6. Account Setup & Delivery

Goldco knows how important it is to get their customers set up quickly so they can begin investing right away. That’s why they focus on fast account setups. They usually take between 24-48 hours once the paperwork is submitted.

Delivery is also fast and secure. For non-IRA purchases, the precious metals are shipped right away. They’ll get delivered to your home, office, or preferred address within 7 days or fewer.

And for depository deliveries, they also ship and deliver them within 7 days too.

7. Customer Service & Salesmanship

Current and previous customers appreciate the excellent experience that they’ve had at Goldco. They particularly appreciate their customer service team. This team has a great reputation and always does what’s necessary to keep customers happy.

Their sales team is also second to none. They do a great job of making me feel comfortable and they always seem trustworthy. I never feel like I’m being sold or forced to buy anything. They will suggest certain investments, but they never attempt to push me into buying anything.

Goldco Management

The management team at Goldco is truly an impressive tour de force. These highly respected individuals run a tight ship.

Goldco’s key management team includes:

  • Trevor Gerszt – Company Founder
  • John Koehler – President – Sales and Marketing Division
  • Jennifer Stearns – Vice President and General Counsel
  • Adam Gardiner – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sean Dozier – Vice President Of Sales
  • Brenda Whitman – Chief Executive Officer
  • Johnathan Douglas – Sales

Goldco Contact Details