Augusta Precious Metals Is 1st in Our List of Top 7 Gold IRA Companies:

Augusta Precious Metals is a company focused on transparency and compliance. They want their customers well educated and knowledgeable about gold and silver. They even teach them how to steer clear of high-pressure sales tactics that other gold IRA companies use.

This organization is considered the “most-trusted” gold company in the US according to IRA Gold Advisor. They’ve also received thousands of 5-star reviews with the Better Business Bureau, Trustlink, the Business Consumer Alliance, and others.

Most important of all, Augusta Precious Metals is my #1 top gold dealer in the US and around the globe. They’re a superior choice and they’ve received high praise that’s well-deserved in a difficult industry.

Augusta Precious Metals: Keeping Future Retirees Safe from High-Pressure Sales Tactics

After realizing that companies were using high-pressure sales tactics to bully customers into unwanted investments, Augusta did something about it. They totally revamped their in-house culture to fix this potential problem on their end. They changed the culture and their sales team permanently. They stopped paying commissions to their sales staff and put them on salary instead.

Moreover, they started teaching their customers how to avoid high-pressure tactics by developing valuable training material. In their web conference, they share tremendous resources on this topic. Resources that immediately come to mind are called “10 Big Gold Dealer Lies” and “15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold.”

The sales team provides real answers to their customers in an open and honest way. Nothing is forced, ever. And customers have the freedom to choose the perfect gold and silver products to meet their investment needs.

Transparency & Competitive Pricing Are the Name of the Game at Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals makes it a point to treat their customers fairly every step of the way. They share everything and remain compliant by providing complete transparency.

As an example, they are willing to guarantee all of their coin prices. But the customer must speak with a qualified representative during an official confirmation call to have their price locked in. In a market where prices tend to fluctuate a lot, their price locked guarantee is incredibly beneficial.

They have one of the lowest markups in the gold buying game. In fact, it’s typically 5% over the cost of bullion, but remember that every product has different markups. They never add additional management fees or price gouge their customers.

7 Critical Factors Test: Augusta Precious Metals

My colleague developed an evaluation process known as the 7 Critical Factors Test. He allowed me to use it to evaluate Augusta Precious Metals and other gold IRA companies.

During my evaluation, I determined that Augusta Precious Metals is the #1 gold IRA company in the industry right now.

How did I come to this determination? I tested them using the 7 Critical Factors that include the following:

  • online peer-reviewed ratings
  • types of precious metals: common & premium bullion coins, bars, and rounds
  • precious metals buyback program
  • stockpiling
  • IRA fees
  • account setup & delivery
  • customer support & salesmanship

Find out how Augusta Precious Metals fared by continuing below.

1. Online Peer-Reviewed Ratings

I’ve already mentioned a few times that Augusta precious metals is my #1 favorite gold IRA company.

For starters, I initially check them out on trustworthy online peer-reviewed websites. They scored high marks with the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink.

In fact, customers seem to eat now merged with them for the reasons that I’ll share next:

  • Reviewers on Trustlink give them a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • New investors appreciate the free one-on-one web conference designed and developed by Devlyn Steele, a Harvard-trained economist
  • They have perfect ratings with the BBB and the BCA – and thousands of 5-star reviews as well
  • They strongly emphasized transparency and compliance

Receive their Free Gold IRA Guide by clicking here.

2. Types of Precious Metals: Bullion Coins, Rounds, and Bars

Augusta sells a plethora of silver and gold products. There top products with gold IRA approval include:

  • 2020 Australian Striped Marlin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold and Silver Coins
  • 2015 Canada Silver Polar Bear and Cub
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold and Silver Coins
  • 2021 Silver Soaring Eagle – Royal Canadian Mint
  • 1 Ounce Gold or Silver Rounds
  • American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins
  • 2022 St. Helena Gold Sovereign
  • American Buffalo Gold and Silver Coins

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

Customers never know when they’ll need to get their hands on money quickly. Maybe a loved one suddenly gets sick and you need cash to pay for their surgery. Or maybe an incredible real estate investment comes your way and you need cash for a down payment.

No matter the situation, being able to liquidate gold and silver quickly is always important. Augusta Precious Metals understands this fact and they are willing to buy back precious metals at the going rate.

Even better, they avoid charging additional fees and extra markups. Remember that any gold or silver cell is still subject to the IRS’s typical distribution rules.

3. Precious Metals Buyback Program

The Goldco CEO realizes that having a buyback program in place is important for its customers. They understand that customers must liquidate investments from time to time. And they often need to do so quickly.

Goldco will pay customers current market value to repurchase gold and silver products. Plus, they’ll never charge additional markups or fees.

4. Stockpiling

Stockpiling is easy and affordable with Augusta Precious Metals. Customers have two options to pick from that include:

  • Segregated storage allows gold IRA holders to stockpile precious metals in a personalized and dedicated vault
  • Commingled storage gives gold IRA customers the option to keep their precious metals in a vault that other investors share

Their preferred storage facility is Delaware Depository, but they have a strong working relationship with all US storage providers.

Get their Free Gold IRA Guide by signing up here.

5. Gold/Silver IRA Account Fees

Augusta Precious Metals is very transparent with their fee structure. It includes the following fees:

  • $50,000 minimum gold IRA investment
  • $50 one-time account setup fee
  • Custodian maintenance fee is $100 annually
  • Storage and custodial fees paid up to 10 years for qualifying customers
  • Guaranteed price match – Augusta Precious Metals works hard to have the lowest prices in the industry and they’ll match the most competitive prices
  • No management fees ever
  • Price guarantee – Augusta will lock a guaranteed price upon receiving an official confirmation call
  • Reasonable markups (around 5%) on gold and silver bars and coins

6. Account Setup & Delivery

Augusta Precious Metals works hard to deliver the top setup times and deliveries. Their time frames are as follows:

  • Setting up new accounts is something that Augusta Precious Metals works hard to accomplish fast. Although they will not provide an official estimation, you’re encouraged to call to find out more about their setup timeframe for your personal account.
  • Deliveries take place within 7-10 business days upon order confirmation. Qualifying orders get free shipping and transit insurance. They ship their silver and gold products via FedEx or USPS Express Mail.

7. Customer Support & Salesmanship

Augusta is a company known for having an incredible relationship with its customers due to impeccable customer service. In fact, their customer service team is run by a Harvard-trained economist named Devlyn Steele.

Current and former customers love this company and have expressed many wonderful sentiments including:

  • They love the fact that Augusta’s customer support team is willing to provide lots of information and education every step of the way. The support staff is trained to share up-to-date information about the economy, insider information, and the gold and silver markets. Augusta customers always feel welcomed, understood, and appreciated by Mr. Steele and the customer support staff.
  • The sales team at Augusta precious metals does an excellent job. They are honest, forthright, and trustworthy. They do not use sales tactics that resemble anything similar to being pushy. In fact, their lack of pushy sales tactics is incredibly appreciated.

Celebrity Ambassador Joe Montana

Joe Montana decided to protect his portfolio by investing in gold and silver. Before jumping in, he asked his financial advisors to research the top companies.

They unanimously determined that Augusta Precious Metals was the perfect fit for Joe Montana’s investing strategy. He was looking to hedge against inflation while growing his assets and Augusta could help.

From the beginning, Joe Montana enjoyed the experience he had at Augusta precious metals. He appreciated their impeccable service and educational material so much that he became their company ambassador.

What did he love about Augusta Precious Metals?

  • Smooth transactions
  • Great reputation
  • Transparency and consistency
  • Congruent core values and mission

Augusta Precious Metals Director of Education Devlyn Steele

  • Devlyn Steele is a Harvard-trained economist working with Augusta Precious Metals. He entered the financial industry in 1983 after he landed a job with Butler Aviation as a financial analyst. He also worked as a financial analyst for People’s Express Airline and UPS.Devlyn Steele is a member of the Harvard School of Business analytics program and a trained economist from Harvard. He uses his data analytics experience to craft his investing strategies. His analyses showed him that the housing market would crash in 2008. It also showed him that gold and silver would see a subsequent rise following afterward.As the Augusta Precious Metals Director of Education, will help customers in the following ways:
    • Use his knowledge of data analytics to craft investing strategies
    • Provide customers with peace of mind as they become better educated about the economy and gold and silver markets
    • Employee his Harvard School of Business training to educate and inform the support team that he currently runs

    To get started, pick up a copy of Augusta’s Free Gold IRA Guide here.

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